Monday, 9 March 2015

Seedy Sunday

March 8 and it was Seedy Sunday in Sudbury – a gathering of local growers who also treasure a healthy natural environment. Dale Pidutti secured a table for our local Chapter. Andre and Wayne joined him at our table to meet and greet people on behalf of the Council of Canadians. Aside from the enormously satisfying venue at the YM/WCA it was such a pleasure meeting people of like minds, many of whom, either confirmed their support for the Council or expressed interest in our campaigns.

A great deal of the conversations turned to concerns about our existing government with its disregard for the need to protect our environment and an equal disregard for the civil liberties that are being whittled away. We had the opportunity to advertise the pending snap demonstration on March 14 to protest against the pending Bill C – 51 and many indicated they were glad to hear of it and promised to attend. We also used the event to collect signatures for the ‘Blue Dot” petition a movement by the Suzuki foundation to garner nation-wide declarations by our country’s municipal councils to protect our collective environments.

It was a good Sunday. The day went by too quickly and it was heartening to know that many others are working hard in Sudbury with many different organizations to care for and protect our shared values.

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