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Terms of Reference
Sudbury Chapter, Council of Canadians
Approved @ Nov. 6, 2014

This document is to help the Sudbury Chapter develop its own organizational structure and methods of operation.

The Sudbury Chapter was established on September 25, 2014. The Chapter is governed by the principles of the Council of Canadians that are described in the Council’s “Chapter Handbook” and the Council’s website,

The Terms of Reference will be in effect until May 15, 2015 at which time they will be reviewed and amended by the active Chapter membership as required.

The status of persons involved with the Council of Canadians and / or the Sudbury Chapter varies pursuant to the following definitions:
·      A “Council Supporter” is a person who had paid a minimal annual fee to be recognized by the national office of the Council as registered supporter.
·      A “Council Member” is a person who is elected to the Council’s Board of Directors.
·      A “Sudbury Council Supporter” is a person who resides in and around the City of Greater Sudbury who:
a)    Does not wish to be affiliated with the Sudbury Chapter, or
b)    Wishes to be informed of Chapter activities, but does not wish to attend Chapter meetings, or
c)    Wishes to participate as a Chapter Member by attending Chapter meetings
The purpose of the Chapter is action. The Sudbury Chapter exists to actively assist and support the organization of effective events and local campaigns with the Council supporters who are residents of the city of Greater Sudbury.

These activities will address national and local issues foremost of which are:
·      Recruiting Council of Canadians supporters
·      Spreading the Council’s message, and
·      Actualizing positive change both locally and globally.

Sudbury Chapter projects will include the following:
a)    The recruitment of Council supporters and Chapter members
b)    Coordinating local activities and events that support the Council’s campaigns and address issues of local concern.

The Chapter will prioritize and plan these activities in a manner that ensures effective and positive outcomes. The Chapter will develop guidelines to assist its members with the execution of these activities.
(To Do: – obtain the council’s schedule of activities - draft an action plan - draft the guidelines)

Chapter members must be registered supporters of the Council of Canadians. Any Council supporter may participate in Chapter activities.
(To Do: - develop a list of Council supporters who wish to be informed of Chapter activities and of those who wish to attend meetings)   

A Steering Committee will approve and guide Chapter activities. This committee will consist of Council supporters who are committed to:
·      Attending the required meetings
·      Actively supporting Chapter activities
·      Supporting the Council’s campaigns and principles
(To Do: - On or around May 15, 2015 the Chapter will amend the Terms of Reference to provide for the election of an Executive Committee.)

Method of Operation
The Steering Committee will hold meetings when and where needed by providing notice of meetings with proposed agendas to interested Council supporters.

A chairperson selected by the Steering Committee will facilitate Steering Committee meetings and consensual decision-making. The Steering Committee will conduct its meetings with the following rules:
·      An agenda is to be drafted prior to and approved at each meeting
·      All those in attendance have an equal voice in a climate of mutual respect.
·      Decisions are made with:
a)    A statement of the question to be addressed
b)    Open discussion among attendees
c)    A statement of the decision
d)    Consensus on the decision by the attendees
·      Decisions are to be noted and distributed

Quorum for meetings will exist when meetings are attended by a minimum of 5 Chapter members who will ideally include three of the “Designated” persons noted below.

A Scribe will make notes on decisions made at the Steering Committee meetings for distribution to Council supporters who indicated they wish to be informed of Chapter activities. The notes will be shared with those in attendance for a four-day hiatus prior to distribution to Council supporters. During this time an attendee may request a change to the notes of the meeting’s chairperson. If no feedback is received, the notes will be considered approved and distributed as indicated. Approved notes are to be considered public documents.

The standard method of communication will be by e-mail.

Designated Persons
Council Supporters in attendance will select Supporters to carry out the following duties:
·      Chairperson – to coordinate and steer Steering Committee meetings
·      2 contact persons – to communicate and liaise with:
o   The national Council of Canadians, other chapters and the local media
o   Council of Canadians Supporters residing in and around the City of Greater Sudbury.
·      A treasurer to record expenditures, report them to meetings of the Steering Committee and submit the annual financial report to the Council.
·      2 signing officers to approve and issue checks on the Chapter’s account.
·      A Scribe to attend to meeting notes, and
·      As required, persons to lead and coordinate each project activity

A disagreement that cannot be resolved by the Steering Committee will be referred to the Council’s Regional Organizer.

The Chapter will annually submit two prescribed reports to the National Office of the Council on:
·      Chapter activities by June 30, and
·      Chapter finances by August 15.

A majority of Chapter members in attendance at a Steering Committee meeting may request an amendment to these terms of Reference.

The Terms of Reference for the Sudbury Chapter were approved on November 6, 2014 by:
·      Andre Clement
·      Ron Tough
·      Benita Hart
·      Penny Early
·      Eve Kremyr

·      Wayne Paul

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